Our Products

Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience of the Customers. It is based on a strong commitment to research and development

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Our Products


A Cloud Based Intelligent Chronic Care Management Platform. It addresses Medicare driven chronic care management requirements for Structured Data Recording, Care Plan, Access To Care and Manage Care.

Use Any Device, Any Where Any Time – our solution is mobile enabled, HTML5 and responsive design compliant


TAB - TranscareApplicationBuilder

Transcare Application Builder helps creating a quick running Java J2EE web app by simply configuring a set of application modules through a meta-data XML file. Application will be up and running in a matter of hours. You can then use the code and customize anyway you need it.


T-Med - Transcare TeleMed Platform

T-Med is a HIPAA Compliant Telemed platform that brings patients and providers together, and enables patients to receive care remotely. Our platform comes with a proprietary audio, video and chat engine enabling a seamless interaction, it integrates with various medical devices and transmits health informatics from one site to another enabling a near in-person experience.


T-Text - Transcare HIPAA Compliant Text Platform

As per HIPAA guidelines, patient health information must be kept private and should be protected. T-Text is a HIPAA Compliant messaging platform designed to support for health care providers to share text messages and collaborate with other providers and health care staff members.

It also allows users to forward a text message to a particular user or multiple users by creating a group within their intranet users


TSR - Transcare Service Request Platform

Transcare Service Request “TSR” platform is a simple cloud based solution enabling enterprises to manage support requests. It comes with various ticketing features, built-in workflows for approvals, re-routing reassignment of requests, user dashboard and many more features.


Throng - Transcare Collaboration Platform

Throng is also collaboration platform product very similar to Google hangout. It is designed on the WebRTC technology and enables creating private, public and group conversations.